How to Choose a Car Wash
A car wash is a facility that uses equipment and chemicals to clean the exterior of a vehicle. The process can be done by hand or by an automated system. It’s important to make sure you choose a car wash that’s right for you. You should also look into the various services offered. Some car washes are completely automated and offer an express service. This type of car wash can be found at a gas station or other fast food establishment.

If you choose to have your car washed by a professional, you can expect a thorough wash and polish. They will use top-quality supplies, and follow the best car washing practices.

If you choose to have your car hand-washed, you’ll want to choose a facility that uses a brushless car wash. These machines use high-tech foam cannons to scour the outside of your car. You can also opt for a more traditional two-bucket method, which uses soap and water to rinse and suds the car.

Some full-service car washes include a detailing service. These car washes will remove minor scratches and dings from your car’s exterior. Additionally, they will shampoo the interior of your car, and possibly even steam clean the carpets. Other services may include removing dull paint and applying wax.

You should also check into your car wash’s hours of operation. You might find that a business only opens on certain days of the week. For instance, if a business only operates seven days a week, you may not be able to get a clean car on the weekends. However, a business with extended hours should be able to accommodate your needs.

Typically, a self-service car wash will be cheaper than a full-service car wash. However, if you choose a self-service car wash, you’ll have to bring your own soap and towels for drying. And the water can be too hot for a wash.

Some automatic car washes use a computerized point of sale unit to keep track of sales. In addition to a conveyor belt that carries the vehicle, these machines will also have a tire sensor that will tell the car wash where the front and rear tires are located. Depending on the type of wash, you may also have to use a hand-held vacuum to wipe the inside of your car.

An exterior rollover car wash is another option. Unlike a regular automated car wash, you must stop your car at a specific location to let the machine move it over a car track. Usually, this service is discounted with a tank of gasoline. When you go, be aware that it can be hard to maneuver your vehicle from the approach lane to the bay door.

Some self-service car washes can have a separate vacuum station. Some can even have hand-held dryers. If you choose to have your car hand-washed, be sure you use the right type of sponges. Natural sea sponges are often thought to be more absorbent than synthetic ones.

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